Residential & Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning

All external hard surfaces, large or small will, over time, become polluted with dirt, algae and mould. Jet-a-Drive using only water, under high pressure can clean and restore any hard surface to look like new.

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      We restore your driveway, path or patio to look like new!

      Using only water under high pressure we can clean block driveways/pathways, flag stones, paving slabs, tarmac, concrete etc. We will restore your driveway, paths or patio to look like new by pressure washing. We have provided a professional hard surface cleaning service since May 2008. Jet a Drive provide a satisfaction guaranteed cleaning service, plus re-sanding and sealing if required.

      Over 10+ Years Experience

      Jet a Drive over the years have cleaned every type of hard surface in both residential and commercial environments. We use only the latest professional equipment and rotary cleaners.

      Commercial Pressure Washing Services

      Some of our commercial work has included cleaning of:

      External walkway entrance to Luton Airport. Main entrance to Asda Superstore Stevenage. Cleaning of sandstone on building of Lidl’s in Bedford. Walkways around Chelsea Bridge Hotel and Berkley Homes off Chelsea Bridge, London. Olympic Statium multi-ring logo area. Galaxo garden rest area within the building complex. Plus many more…


      Luton Airport Commercial Cleaning

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      Decking Cleaning

      Jet a Drive provide a decking cleaning service using only mains water through rotary pressure washing equipment...

      Hard Surface Cleaning

      There are many types of hard surfaces that need cleaning. The first one that spring to mind is glass. It is also the easiest to…
      Pool Patio Clean

      Patio Pressure Washing

      Most homes with gardens now have some form of patio. Great to use in summer for just sitting out on or dining. Invariably the patio…
      Sandown Driveway Clean and sanded

      Driveway Sealing

      Composite and tarmac driveways do not need sealing. But it is advised that block paved driveways after cleaning are sealed.
      Exterior Cleaning

      Exterior Cleaning

      There is increasing legislation stopping us from polluting our environment, so how do we keep our buildings clean...
      Luton Airport Commercial Cleaning

      Commercial Cleaning

      Jet-a-Drive also provides commercial pressure washing and cleaning...
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      We provide a hard surface cleaning and pressure washing services. We can clean block, concrete, tarmac and brick or any other hard surface. Residential and commercial cleaning service. Residential driveway, patio, paving, brick walls, fencing and deck cleaning. Driveway sealing. Industrial high pressure washing and cleaning of any hard surface to the customer satisfaction.


      Once hard surfaces have moss, mildew, grime or dirt on them, they not only look unsightly they can become very slippery when wet.


      Property owners do not normally have the equipment to clean external areas efficiently, but Jet a Drive does. So why not call us now for a free, no obligation quotation.

      Overall Look

      A dirty driveway, walkway, path or patio affects the overall look of your home or business, and can become slippery from algae and moss growth.

      Where are we based

      Jet-a-Drive is based in Stevenage but can work in London, Luton, Hitchin, Stevenage & surrounding villages, Welwyn and other areas. If you are looking for a specific area please get in contact with us here: Contact Us.

      Block paving is very popular in these areas. If you’re looking for a professional to clean your block paving bricks or block paving driveway, then please let us know. Visit this page for more information: Block Paving.

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      The money spent on having a driveway or patio laid can be a substantial financial outlay. Then after a year or two it can start to look grubby and dull. Jet-a-Drive can guarantee to make it look like new again.

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